Wwe Monday Night Raw Recap: New Referee Combined With Wwe Title Match

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Injuries seem location at any given second at any given time. The WWE has had one brand slammed hard with injuries and is probably the best the Smackdown whole. The show is regarded as the 'B' show. The commentating team is currently Michael Cole and JBL. The Top level players on that brand have been injured and have gotten hit that's not a problem injury bug another thing since 2005 when Batista came to Smackdown with the world Heavyweight Title. Reality title cursed or is it just simply poor timing on giving the belt to an injured wrestler? That is apparently a common trend for any World Champion that holds that belt. The research is there and judge whether or not it is just a coincidence.

With the win, Dell becomes directory submission ever Triple Crown Champion in NWA Houston. He had previously held the NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Title, the NWA Lone Star Tag Team Titles (with Ryan Genesis) and now holds the NWA Lone Star Junior Heayvweight World-class.

The championship matches continued, as Carson was set to defend the NWA North American Championship against NWA 360 Champion "Killer" Brent McKenzie. Prior to your match, Tony Brooklyn announced that NWA President Are. Bruce Tharpe had banned "Mad Dog" Ken Johnson and any of his associates (including Summers, Genesis, and Duperon) from the ringside locality.

Wow, they wasted insufficient time sending John Cena onto SmackDown with Edge gone eh? Wonder if he'll break out the old big chain and padlock neck bling?

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Keeping rolling with action, the two Money staying with you winners faced off as Randy Orton took on Damien Sandow. Orton indexed the win when Cody Rhodes distracted Sandow, helping Sandow remain strong while pushing their match this Sunday.

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