Wwe Fatal 4 Way 2010 Recap

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Referees stormed the ring along with Booker T himself, visbily upset within the way that MVP had just treated one of his own athletes. Booker had some harsh words for his former WWE colleague as MVP walked away.

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The story of the Rumble match saw Austin being forced into the #1 position by Mr. McMahon, only for McMahon obtain the #2 spot by Commissioner Shawn Michaels. To further ensure Austin's demise, McMahon put a $100,000 bounty on Austin for the man or woman who could eliminate him from the match.

His father, Angelo Poffo was a well known wrestler their 50\'s and 60\'s. His dad was really featured a good episode of Ripley\'s Many things for his sit up endurance likely.

I wasn't sure to be able to think when TNA announced they were starting a women's division but I was glad to know they were signing some women can actually wrestle for Bound for Fame. Gail Kim was the obvious and logical substitute for win but TNA did a how exciting of building up the Amazing Kong also. When Kong first entered the ring at Bound for Glory she cleared the entire ring locations took three women teaming up decrease Kong. Gail Kim was crowned first ever TNA Knockout Champion at Bound for Glory but like always experienced to complete the women's title with a white strip.

Backstage segment with Great Khali and Jinder Mahal. Mahal and KHali both say which they will be your past Battle Regal. Each wrestler says that they will win competition royal and become #1 entrepeneur. I really hope the WWE isn't already planning on the break of these two. They need more tag-teams.