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Welcome to the Official Website of theArakNet Wiki. This wiki was created to provide informational support for everything that ArakNet stands for and for all projects that spawned from the creative efforts of its members. ArakNet is an invite-only FTN Message Network. It's frustrating to search throughout the internet for information on BBSes, BBS Networks, or How-Tos on setting up or customizing your own Bulletin Board System. We'll try our best to provide as much information and support that we can to enable you to build that dream bulletin board that you envisioned when you first started this journey down the textmode BBS lane.


Like many new BBSers out there who have never experienced the whole dial-up or telnet experience, we never really know where to start. What board should I call? That is one of the most common question that people ask. EVERY single board on ArakNet stands out. We are proud to say that ALL of the systems are worth calling. Each sysop spent a lot of their extra time modifying it, customizing it, and adding unique content that people may be interested in and that they love to have discussions about ArakNet has full support of the Art Scene community to assist in creating custom art and BBS menus for dedicated sysops that are looking to grow the BBS community.


ArakNet has been creating and cultivating many projects to help inspire and draw interest to what can be done inside and outside of a standard BBS network. We will be creating divisions and would like to ask for volunteers to head specific roles so that we can all be involved in the growth of something new and exciting in ArakNet.

ArakNet Projects:

Phenom Productions was the first successful division to be created out of ArakNet. Most of the members of Phenom Productions runs a bulletin board on ArakNet. Every member of the group is supportive and contribute a lot to make each other's project launch successfully.

ArakNet Discord Server has become our secondary outlet for messaging and support outside of our FTN message network. Like many of the other messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Google Hangouts you can have standard text chats in text based channels (like IRC), voice chats with other members that are connected, and private messaging/group discussions.

ArakNet IRC Server was originally started and connected to the "Late Night Network". It has recently disconnected from the "Late Night Network" and stands alone for anyone to connect to and create their own custom channels for their boards or special interest groups.

ArakNet Radio has also been launched and we've been getting a lot of great feedback from users and sysops alike. We hope to stand tall with many of the other "Underground Scene" radio streaming stations who have done this for year. We are continually looking for more music and podcast contributions.

ArakNet Website has been a project that's been on the back-burner for quite some time. Though it has been a long time coming, the site is up and content and additional sections are being added regularly.

ArakNet Store was created to link to all ArakNet supported stores. Mainly for sysops to sell their goods to support their undying hobby of BBSing. If you need help setting up your own store. Inquire within ArakNet and we'll assist you in getting supplemental income to fund your retro hobby.

ArakNet Wiki will always be an ongoing project for ArakNet and the BBS community as we grow to support many systems.

Spade eMag is a NEW emag project that covers any and all topics about the "Underground Scene" along areas that ArakNet discusses on a regular basis (Cyber Culture, TextMode Art, Retro Gaming/Computing, and Hacker Culture). We are looking for contributors for articles, artwork, interviews and audible ads.



  • This wiki was created on Friday, May 10, 2019