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These are the current Bulletin Board Systems on the ArakNet FTN Message Network. If you seen an error in the listing or notice that a board is missing that should be on the list, send an email to

BBS Name Software Sysop Name Telnet Address Telnet Port # SSH Port # Server Status
Ink Two BBS Mystic Smooth 23 2025 active
Black Flag BBS Mystic Hawk Hubbard 23   active
ACiD Underworld BBS Mystic Hawk Hubbard 31337   active
Haciend el Bananas BBS Mystic H7 23   active
Alcoholiday BBS Mystic Zero Reader 23   active
Necronomicon BBS Mystic Necromaster 23   active
Xibalba BBS Enigma Nuskooler 44510 44511 active
Cyberia BBS Mystic Gryphon 23   active
Force 9 BBS Enigma Ripuk 23   active
Slime City BBS Mystic m00p 23   active
Reconquista BBS Enigma Smooth     active
Raiders Inc. BBS Mystic cr1ms0n 2325   active
Absinthe BBS C-Net Pro Anachronist 1940   active
Catch 22 BBS DayDream ignatius 26   active
Fading Black BBS Mystic westie ?   active
Chingon BBS Mystic Smooth ?   active
Fluph BBS Mystic Skuz 23   active
Throwback BBS Mystic Maskreet 23   active
Danger Bay BBS PCBoard Night Rider 1337   active
Black Flag BBS PCBoard Hawk Hubbard 2627   active
Undercurrents BBS Enigma richinseattle 8088   active
Error 1202 BBS Mystic Solaris 1202   active
Dreamland BBS Mystic Dreammaster 23   active
Reign of Fire BBS C-Net Pro Spitfire 2300   active
The Byte Exchange Mystic Nugax 23   active
Archaic Binary BBS Mystic Zharvek 23 22 active
Bottomless Abyss BBS Mystic Stackfault 2023 2222 active
Omicron Theta BBS Wildcat Dark Wolf 23   active
Black Flag BBS Oblivion/2 Hawk Hubbard 2629   active
Reality Check BBS Synchronet poindexter FORTRAN 23   active
Distortion BBS Mystic Jack Phlash 23   active
Battlestar BBS Synchronet Mark Iezzi 23   active
Mystic Dreams BBS Mystic Mark Iezzi 24   active
Future World II BBS C-Net Pro K-Guide 6800   active
Scratched Reality BBS Telegard Maskreet 2323   active
Toxic BBS Legacy/X MadDog 28800   active
Quantum Wormhole BBS Mystic MeatLotion 23 45022 active
Infolinka BBS Mystic Shinobi -unpublished- 2323   active
t311net BBS Mystic GngrDr3dM4n 23   active
Monterey BBS Mystic Esc 23   active
Legacy/X WHQ Legacy/X Sqz 23   active
Capital Shrill BBS Synchronet Nolageek 23   active